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Our Experience

Hello, I am Richard Proodian and my financial career began at Arthur Andersen then graduated to many industries for which I have had the privilege of serving and being involved, including travel industry, cruise lines, hotels, casinos food and beverage, to manufacturing, to marketing and sales companies in which I held the roles as CPA, CFO Vice President, advisor and partner for many decades.

The majority of businesses, both large and small, were started by individuals who had a vision or a dream that they could present to all, but once they found that they had to play multiple roles, an organization had to be built to address the various requirements necessary for success.

At EquiFin, we are both a financial and business developer partnership. As a Fractional i.e., part-time CFO, we provide full-time service with your growth and efficiency of your organization.  We believe a company is only as healthy as it’s people, and truly successful companies view investing in structure as an investment in the future of your company. 

We can improve your firm’s financial, operational and organizational health.  We consistently deliver exceptional ROI results for firms that take advantage of our multi-faceted services.

We invite you to schedule an appointment today. We can connect and have either a virtual chat using Zoom or meet in person to learn more about your situation, strategies and objectives and discover together if it makes sense for us to explore working together.

Our Services

When you hire EquiFin you have access to experience:

1.)    Head and develop a continuous evaluation of both short-term and long-term financial strategies to ensure achievement of company objectives

2.)    Provide timely and detailed analysis of budgets, forecasts, and financial trends 

3.)    Guide and oversee all activities pertaining to the Finance and Accounting department

4.)    Take a leadership position in the development, implementation and maintenance of a comprehensive job cost system

5.)    Evaluate and advise on the long-term impact of financial planning, the launch of new products, services and strategies and regulatory actions. 

6.)    Maintain strong relationships with senior executives by identify their needs and providing a wide range of business solutions.

7.)    Brief the senior management on the short-term and long-term financial implications of the ongoing and upcoming business activities

8.)    Implement effective internal controls within the company and ensure compliance with the control guidelines

9.)    Evaluate company performance and recommend improvements that can be employed to enhance performance and develop new business opportunities

10.)    Ensure adherence to applicable accounting guidelines

11.)    Performing risk management by analyzing the organization’s liabilities and investments

12.)    Deciding on investment strategies by considering cash and liquidity risks

Call Richard NOW at 407-890-7560 to schedule your complimentary discovery session!  Richard is ready to discuss any business or financial challenge your company is facing right now. There is no catch, get a taste of what his business style is all about and some assistance to help grow your business at the same time. Call Today!

Fractional CFO Services

For small- to medium-sized organizations, the value and advantages that a CFO offers are evident but are often outside the  financial reach of the firm. Equifin's CFO services deliver all the benefits of a full-time CFO on a manageable scale. By controlling the level of service hours, solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of any organization’s budget.

Richard Proodian is an experienced financial business management and development professional in addition to being a valued support advisor focusing on  accelerating company growth and development.

Call us today at 407-890-7560 or use the button to schedule your complimentary consultation. Your people and  your balance sheet are worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require long-term agreements?
We do have annual agreements for our Fractional CFO services with a ninety-day cancellation clause. As a Fractional CFO we become a member of your team and as such we are treated as such.

Is there any obligation if I schedule a Complimentary Consultation?

In the discussion stage, we, like yourself, are interviewing each other to ensure that our working relationship is a good fit. If not, we are glad to refer you to other coaches that we know in our industry and there is no obligation on your part to continue. 

Will our discussions be confidential?

All  of our work and discussions together are conducted in complete confidentiality. Our coaching discussions are never mentioned internally or externally.

How much experience do you have in the industry?

I have over thirty years of experience in multiple industries and as a Fractional and full-time CFO and business development advisor. I have also have successfully conducted and completed three Initial Public Offerings (IPO's).

Do you use standard cookie-cutter processes with your clients?

I use standard accounting and finance business principles which are applied to your unique and specifically customized to your needs and objectives.

Can you provide me with references from past clients?

Yes, we do provide references.

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